Prosecutor In Jodie Arias Case To Release Book Alleging Juror Fell In Love With The Defendant


Juan Martinez, who prosecuted Jodie Arias in a murder trial in which she was found guilty of killing her boyfriend, will reportedly claim in a new book that a member of the jury fell in love with the defendant.

Due out in 2016, "Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodie Arias Behind Bars" will allege that this was what prevented Arias facing the death penalty, Daily Mail reported.

Arias was convicted in 2013 of shooting Travis Alexander in 2008, before stabbing him repeatedly and slit his throat. The lengthy trial captured significant public attention and was broadcast live on television.

Martinez is not expected to name the individual, but an interview given by jury member Tara Harris Kelley to Daily Mail has triggered speculation that it was the foreman, Bill Zervakos.

“He had said he was a womanizer early on and that made me concerned he was going to be attracted to her. It's just such an odd thing to say,” Kelley told the Daily Mail. “I honestly think he wanted to find her not guilty but he found her guilty. He found her guilty because he had to because of the evidence that was there.”

She added, “When it came to the death penalty phase that was his way out.” 

Zervakos offered a different version of events.

“It took a great deal [out of me] emotionally. It was a very difficult six months, but I worked very very hard to keep it strictly analytical, from a non-emotional point of view,” Zervakos told Daily Mail.

Zervakos also suggested he was not convinced Martinez took his job seriously. There were reports of the prosecutor posing for photographs outside the courtroom.

Martinez will also reportedly reveal evidence in his book that was not presented to the jury, including details on how police found condoms, a gun and knives in Arias’ rented vehicle.

Martinez is not the only participant to write about the trial. Kirk Nurmi, the public defender who represented Arias, has written the first of three planned books in which he claims he was “trapped” by her.

“I was willing to give up a job … simply to get away from Ms. Arias, and when I did not get away, I realized that I was truly trapped on her case, which also meant I was trapped with her,” Nurmi wrote in the introduction to his book, "Trapped with Ms. Arias," The Huffington Post reported.

Nurmi alleges Arias behaved in a sexually inappropriate way towards him, and added she was manipulative.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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