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Prosecutor Adam Levy, Son Of Judge Judy, Accused Of Housing Illegal Immigrant Rape Suspect

Alexandru Hossu, 35, is a Romanian immigrant being charged with two counts of first degree rape.

Hossu allegedly raped the 12-year-old daughter of his former girlfriend twice in October of 2010. But, there is more to this story than just his criminal charges.

The accusations made against Hossu have sparked a public feud between top Putnam County Prosecutor Adam Levy and County Sherriff Donald B. Smith.

The Sherriff is accusing Levy, who is the son of famous television host Judge Judy, of using his office to mislead the public and influence the cases investigation. The sheriff’s allegations stem from the fact that Hossu was Levy’s live-in personal trainer for years. The Romanian man is an illegal immigrant, and his work visa expired over ten years ago.

A relative of the victim spoke about the case on Friday, saying that Hossu’s immigrant status is common knowledge, and that Prosecutor Levy must have been aware of his trainer’s illegal status.

“I knew he was working for the D.A., Alex told everybody that,” the relative said. “She (the girl’s mother) told me that he’s an illegal alien, back when I first heard about him, years ago. Everybody knew that.”

The relative's statement undermines Levy’s earlier assertion that he “had absolutely no idea whatsoever of (Hossu’s) immigration status." Levy added that he believes an investigation will show Hossu had a valid driver’s license and Social Security number.

Levy has also criticized the sheriff’s office for wrongly asserting that Hossu lived with him in his million-dollar home. Levy offered two alternate home addresses for Hossu on Friday. Oddly, one of the addresses given was an office address for state Senator Greg Ball’s (R- New York) 2012 campaign.

In response, Sheriff Smith pointed out that the address on Hossu’s driver license matches the address of Levy’s house.

"In my view, Mr. Levy's comments and actions would seem to suggest that, if he could have his own way, Mr. Hossu would never have been brought to justice for his crime and Mr. Levy's relationship with him would have never been brought to the light of public scrutiny," Sheriff Smith said in a statement on Friday night.

As a result of his acquaintance with the suspect, Prosecutor Levy has handed the trial over to a neighboring county.

The victim’s relative spoke more on the case Saturday, adding that she cares about the well-being of the victim more than the fate of District Attorney Levy.

“I don’t care if this takes down the D.A.,” said the relative. “It’s heartbreaking that (the girl) carried this all by herself and didn’t tell us. If I had known it earlier, I would have had that bald-headed freak (Hossu) pulled into court long ago.”

The victim was raped in 2010, but only spoke to a school counselor recently about what Hossu had allegedly done to her. Her conversation with the counselor led to the investigation that ultimately resulted in Hossu’s charges, officials said.

The victim had never mentioned the rape to her relative before. On Friday night, the victim told the relative that she “was told not to say anything about it.”

Hossu is being held in Putnam County jail on $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond. He is scheduled for trial at Southeast Town Court on April 2.

No legal action has been brought against Adam Levy at this time. 

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