Campaign Wants Abortion To Be First-Degree Murder

Campaign Wants Abortion To Be First-Degree Murder Promo Image

A campaign in California has been given the go-ahead to gather signatures to put a proposal on the ballot in November 2018 that would criminalize abortion.

Supporters must gather more than 585,000 signatures from registered voters for the measure, which would classify abortion as first-degree murder, reports KTVU.

The definition of abortion used by the proposal would be wide enough to include some forms of birth control and medical research.

"We received our circulating title to gather signatures and work to get abolishing abortion on the November 6, 2018 ballot through a state ballot initiative that would amend our constitution," Daniel Ehinger, who advocates for the measure, wrote on his Facebook page. "Please pray for our efforts."

Ehinger has described abortions as the "American holocaust" and once wrote that "every day is 9/11 for the preborn," Salon reports.

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Even if Ehinger and his supporters manage to collect the necessary signatures to get the issue on the ballot, it is unlikely to pass in California. Polls have consistently shown that a majority in the state favor abortion being legal.

Other states have moved to restrict abortion rights. In June, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law prohibiting the use of "dismemberment abortions," HuffPost reported.

This is a term used by opponents of abortion to describe abortions performed by dilation and evacuation, a commonly used method of abortion in the second trimester.

The law also requires abortions to be followed by "fetal funerals," with medical clinics now compelled to bury or cremate fetal or embryonic remains.

A further provision blocks a woman from donating fetal tissue to medical research.

"By banning fetal tissue donation just for women who have had abortions -- and not other patients -- the state is singling out those women to shame them and send a clear message that the state does not approve of their decision to have an abortion," the Center for Reproductive Rights said in a statement.

The law threatens any physician who performs an illegal abortion with two years in prison. The law is written in such terms that any person who helps a woman obtain an abortion could also be subject to criminal charges, including a friend or family member who drives them to the clinic.

"If the goal is to prosecute people who perform these acts, what's written here goes way beyond that," Texas state Rep. Joe Moody said.

Since the law was signed, Texas representatives have begun considering the option of banning private insurers from covering the costs of abortions.

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