'You're Not All Alone': Best Property Manager Ever Reaches Out To Residents During Cold And Snow


The property manager of an Indiana apartment complex went above and beyond to make sure his residents were safe in the frigid temperatures.

Caroline Senour, 80, says she was surprised to get a knock on her door last week after not being able to leave her home for a week. The elderly woman says the winter has been challenging for her and has caused her to stay stuck indoors.

“You can't go anyplace. I'd already fallen and broken legs in recent years. With the snow and ice, just getting from here to my car is a big deal,” Senour explained to WTHR. “It's scary, you know, to be trapped physically.”

So when Senour answered that knock on her door, she was pleasantly surprised to see the apartment complex’s housekeeper standing there with a bowl of chili in her hands.

“It was the apartment complex housekeeper," Senour said. "She had a big bowl of chili. I just said, 'What is this?' and she told me what Andy's plan was."

Senour came to find out that Andy Scherle, property manager at Woodbridge Apartments, decided to cook a big pot of chili and posted on Facebook for all his residents to come in and get some at the leasing office. After also serving some to the mailman, Scherle had the hot meals delivered to elderly residents who would have had trouble getting to the office for a bowl.

“I like to check up on them and see how they're doing, especially when it gets this cold," Scherle explained. "I don't want to wait for a health check from family members if we can be the ones to go check first. Showing up at their front door, putting a smile on their face, it lets them know you actually do care and you're not there just to collect rent and see them on the first."

Scherle also promised Senour that he would make sure that the snow was cleared off from her car so that she wouldn’t have to do it when she was able to leave her apartment.

“If we can go the extra mile, help them out and make a memorable moment, why not?”

Senour says she is beyond grateful for the kindness that Scherle extended to her.

“It almost brought tears to my eyes," she said. "I was just so surprised at the generosity and thoughtfulness. It feels like you're not stuck here and you're not all alone. You just don't see that quite often, do you?"

Source: WTHR / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, WTHR


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