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Prop Gun on Movie Set is Real; Man Shot

(Editor's note: This story has been updated. The original source material contained inaccuracies which have now been corrected.) 

A bunch of friends in Ohio were making an action movie featuring fake guns when a real gun turned up -- one man was shot.

According to the Toledo newspaper The Blade, the friends had just finished taping their movie Friday night when the owner of the house where the movie was being taped placed his licensed, loaded gun on a table.

Not knowing it was real, 21-year-old Randy Schimmel picked it up and fired. Tracci King, who was sitting on a couch nearby, was hit in the leg.

King, also 21, was rushed to a hospital for treatment. He's going to be all right.

Witnesses backed up the story, the shooting was classified as accidental, and no charges were filed.

In an email to Opposing Views, King said no real guns were used in the film -- they were all Airsoft props. In addition, he said there was a certified NRA instructor on set during taping "to ensure gun safety throughout production." The shooting happened after production wrapped.


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