Prop 19 More Popular than Any Calif. Candi- date


By "Radical" Russ Belville

The Public Policy Institute of California has released its September report “Californians and their Government”.  They find majority support for legalization of marijuana with Prop 19 (52%), which is greater support than the report finds for incumbent Senators Barbara Boxer (42%) and Dianne Feinstein (44%), Senate challenger Carly Fiorina (35%), Gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown (37%) and Meg Whitman (38%).  Prop 19 is also the most popular initiative on the November ballot.

Of the 52% support among likely voters, Prop 19 enjoys greatest support among young, liberal, Latino Democrats.

--Democrats support Prop 19 by 63%, Independents support by 65%, while Republicans oppose it by 62%.
-- Men support Prop 19 by 55% and women’s support has reached 49% (vs. 44% oppose)
-- Latinos support Prop 19 by 63% and whites support it at 50%
-- Adults under age 35 overwhelmingly support Prop 19 at 70%, folks from 35 to 54 support at 49% (vs. 44% oppose), while people 55 and older are almost evenly split at 47%-46%

Interestingly, the people opposed to Prop 19 are more concerned about the outcome than the supporters. 65% of those who oppose find it “very important”, while only 42% of supporters feel the same.


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