Project Runway's Kenley Arrested for Alledged Assault With Cat


This certainly gives new meaning to the term "cat fight."

Project Runway finalist Kenley Collins has reportedly used her
cat as a weapon by throwing the animal
at her sleeping fiancé's head. Oh yeah, she also allegedly chucked a laptop and
three apples and slammed a door on his head as he crawled across the floor. I
guess her precious sewing machine was too valuable to throw. Police have charged
Collins with assault and criminal possession of a deadly weapon (i.e., her cat).
Thankfully this alleged assault is being investigated, but c'mon, what about the

We are so disgusted that Collins has reportedly endangered her feline
companion that we've contacted the judge handling this case and demanded that,
if Collins is found guilty, she be barred from owning any animals in the future.
Anyone who would throw a cat in a fit of rage should not be trusted with the
care of another life.

Her fiancé might want to watch his back, as well. More than one killer got started by hurting animals.
I'm no Doctor Phil, but I'd venture a guess that these two love birds won't be
walking down the aisle anytime soon.

By Jennifer Cierlitsky



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