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Prohibitionists: Prison Less Harmful than Possessing Marijuana

All of the prohibitionists’ arguments boil down to a single point: If my child gets a little off track and starts using marijuana, the prohibitionists want to put them in PRISON or have them pay the so-called "treatment" industry.

Prison is not good for my kids or for yours, and it’s much worse than the effects of marijuana, so we can pretty well disregard all of the prohibitionist nonsense about keeping it illegal “to protect the children.” The prohibitionists want to use the threat of prison to keep a steady supply of paying customers. 

I hope my kids steer clear of marijuana, but I REALLY hope that if they do use a little marijuana, they don't end up in prison and don't have to pay the prohibitionist cronies in order to remain free and productive. If you're a California citizen (or if you want to pass this along to any California citizens), and you want to help stop the prohibitionists from putting your kids in jail, register to vote at w w w . Just complete the online form and mail it to the address on the form.      


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