Progressive Insurance Defends Driver Who Killed Progressive Policy Holder Katie Fisher

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Progressive Insurance is in hot water after Matt Fisher described how the insurance giant defended his sister Katie's killer on his Tumblr blog, on August 13, reports

Fisher's blog went viral, prompting people to cancel their Progressive policies.

Fisher told 'CBS This Morning,' on Thursday, that the driver who killed his sister Katie was  under-insured, but his insurance company, Nationwide, quickly paid up (video below).

However, Katie insurance company, Progressive, sent its attorneys to defend the driver to avoid paying the total amount of her policy.

Fisher said: “The guy who, for better or worse, killed my sister had more than one attorney. He had two attorneys and one of them identified himself at the beginning of the case as an employee of Progressive.”

“He cross-examined our witnesses, he conducted direct examination of their witnesses and at the end, he made a closing statement. He argued that the other guy had a green light.”

In court, a witness claimed the driver had run a red light. Fisher’s family was awarded over $700,000.

In response to the online fury, Progressive denied it defended the other driver. Progressive told 'CBS This Morning' that it had come to “an agreement” with the Fisher family.


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