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Professor Takes In Refugee To Prove It's Safe, Then Stops Showing Up To Work; Colleagues Find His...

Professor Takes In Refugee To Prove It's Safe, Then Stops Showing Up To Work; Colleagues Find His... Promo Image

A German high school math teacher paid the price for being welcoming and trusting towards migrants after he was murdered by one he befriended. 

Mehdi Hushmand was a highly regarded teacher in Celle, Germany, who took a 58-year-old Afghan refugee and his family into his home.

"Mehdi had been a refugee himself," Werner Glaser, Hushmand's friend, told The New York Times. "He knew how hard it is to be a stranger in a totally strange land."

Hushmand was found dead in his basement, allegedly bludgeoned to death by the man he took in. The two reportedly got into an argument, and the Afghan man used a rock and a large metal item to bash Hushmand's head in. 

The refugee ultimately admitted to police he committed the murder, but claimed it was because Hushmand approached him about marrying his 19-year-old daughter.

"Complete rubbish," Glaser said of the allegations. It was later determined that Hushmand might have offered to marry the man's daughter so she and her family could stay in Germany. 

After his death, Hushmand was honored in a memorial ceremony that was attended by 500-600 people in the town of Celle. 

Many readers pointed to the terrifying story as a reason why Americans should be wary of accepting refugees.

"When will these bleeding heart liberals wake amazes me that there are that many naive, gullible, and reckless liberal democrats," one Mad World News reader commented on the site's Facebook page. "I thank God everyday Trump is the President!"

Others felt as though the situation should not be taken as an example of all refugees and migrants.

"Hateful comments," one reader commented. "Yes this is a horrific occurrence. However, out of the hundreds of thousands of families in peril world wide I find many of these comments reprehensible. Live your faith people."

Sources: The New York Times, Mad World News/Facebook, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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