Professor Suspended Ten Months Over 'Negative Vibes'


A professor from England’s University of Warwick was suspended in January for allegedly giving off too many negative vibes. No, that’s not a joke.

Literature professor Thomas Docherty was stripped of his academic duties because of his excessive “inappropriate sighing”, “ironic comments” and “negative body language” while interviewing candidates for a job. He was banned from appearing on campus and from writing student recommendations during the suspension. Now, after a lengthy investigation, he is finally being reinstated.

"I'm looking forward to getting back to teaching, working with students and colleagues, and writing again, as normal,” Docherty told Mirror.

Docherty took to Facebook to thank the many University of Warwick students who have supported him throughout his suspension.

"Throughout this past year, I have been deeply moved and touched by the level of support that I have received,” Docherty wrote. "Thanks again to you all - and, with luck, I'll see some of you in class, in conference, or just around and about."

Anne O’Sullivan, a representative from the U.K.’s University and College Union, says Docherty’s suspension is a clear sign that the University of Warwick’s internal procedures need to be reviewed.

"It beggars belief that an academic can be suspended with no contact with students or colleagues for almost a year while charges are finalized,” she said. "The one thing this protracted process should ensure is that the University of Warwick looks closely at its internal procedures."

Sources: Mirror, The Telegraph

Photo: Pixabay, Birmingham Post


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