Professor Suspended After Posting 'Games of Thrones' T-Shirt Photo Has Punishment Rescinded


A New Jersey art professor was suspended for eight days in January after he posted a photo on Google Plus of his 7-year-old daughter wearing a T-shirt featuring a “Game of Thrones” quote. Now, his punishment will reportedly be rescinded.

After posting a photo of his little girl wearing a shirt that read, “I WILL TAKE WHAT IS MINE WITH FIRE AND BLOOD,” Francis Schmidt was told by Bergen County Community College administrators that they believed he meant the quote as a threat against the school’s dean. One reportedly told him that when you see the word “fire,” the “next thing you know, some guy’s up here shooting everything up with an AK-47,” reports CBS News.

When he attempted to explain that the quote came from the popular HBO TV series, Schmidt says school officials told him they had never heard of the show.

Two days after their meeting, the professor was reportedly suspended for eight days and advised to see a psychiatrist before returning to teach.

But things changed after an official from Human Resources reportedly asked a group of secretaries from the school if they had heard of the quote and they were able to quote it verbatim. Realizing the suspension may have violated Schmidt’s constitutional rights, the school decided to rescind it and remove the letter from his file. College spokesman Larry Hlavenka Jr. said the compromise treats the incident as if it never took place, reports Fox News.

Schmidt reportedly said he thinks the suspension may have been a way for the school to retaliate against him after he filed an unrelated complaint with Bergen County Community College before the incident.

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Source: CBS News, Fox News

Photo Credit: Google Plus 


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