NYC Professor Has 22 Kids Through Sperm Donations

One of the world's most prolific freelance sperm donors says he's the proud father of 22 children in five U.S. states and Israel.

Ari Nagel says he doesn't sire kids "for the easy action."

"That's what Tinder is for," the jovial New York math professor told the New York Post in a story detailing his 12-year career as a not-for-profit personal sperm donor to women who can't afford to go to fertility clinics.

While those clinics charge as much as $4,000 for donor insemination, according to the American Pregnancy Association, Nagel says he's more than happy to provide his seed for free, often meeting women and lesbian couples in public spaces across New York City.

Nagel has fathered 22 children with 18 women, according to the Post. About half the time, Nagel provides his seed "the old fashioned way" by having sexual intercourse with women who want to become pregnant, he told the newspaper.

Other times he arranges meetings with women in places like Starbucks and Target, then heads to the bathroom where he watches pornography on his iPhone and ejaculates into a receptacle that can hold his sperm for up to 12 hours. That's what he was doing one night in the first week of June, when he stepped out of a Brooklyn Target bathroom with his product in hand, "looking quite pleased with himself," the Post's Doree Lewak wrote.

“This isn’t time-consuming, and I’m doing it anyway,” Nagel said. “It’s very easy for me to do.”

Nagel's satisfied "clients" include Tiffany Harrison, a 41-year-old New Jersey woman who used Nagel's sperm to conceive her daughter, Zoe. Harrison and her wife Yvonne are raising the girl together.

“He’s a lot of fun to be around, he loves people, he’s outgoing, and he’s gorgeous,” Harrison told the Post.

Nagel keeps in touch with some of his former clients and their children. Some he sees frequently, others annually, and there are some children he's never met. Three of the children are named after him, including an Ari J. and two little girls named Aria.

Nagel says he doesn't regret providing his services to women in the New York area despite the fact that five women have successfully sued him for child support. About half of Nagel's paycheck is garnished for child support payments, according to the Post.

He also says his side job isn't an issue with potential love interests. Most of the women he dates don't seem to mind, he says.

“Never underestimate," Nagel said, "the desperation of a single woman on the Upper West Side."

Sources: New York Post, American Pregnancy Association / Photo credit: Ari Nagel/Myspace

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