Problem Drinkers In Wisconsin Town Will No Longer Be Served


Thanks to months of research by local authorities, a small group of heavy drinkers in a Wisconsin town will no longer be served by area bars or stores. Janesville is adopting a policy that is used by other Wisconsin cities and will now start to try and restrict the 10 residents that have been identified as heavy drinkers from using more emergency services than average residents. In order to do that, police are asking bars, liquor stores and any businesses that sell alcohol to stop serving those residents

Officer Joe McNally said the 10 residents have had regular contact with police. They all have had at least three “negative police contacts in which they were intoxicated” during a six-month period, the Gazette Xtra reported.

Wiggy’s Saloon owner Patrick Wygans said that bar owners already know who their problem customers are and that the new policy will help them.

“It will keep troublemakers out of your bar,” Wygans said. “Ultimately, if they want to get alcohol, they’re going to. Hopefully, they’ll look at this behavior and change it.”

Janesville’s problem drinkers all received this letter:

“Your unwillingness or inability to drink responsibly is causing the Janesville Police Department to dedicate an unfair and unequal amount of resources to your habitual intoxication. We will be asking all licensed establishments in the city to … refrain from selling or giving you alcohol.”

Anyone who received the letter will have an opportunity to appeal the decision to the city Alcohol License Advisory Committee.

“If they continue to drink responsibly, we don’t have any problem with that,” McNally said.

Sources: Gazette Xtra, Topix


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