Pro-Zimmerman Protesters Rally Against Trayvon Martin Demonstrators (Video)


There were over 100 Trayvon Martin demonstrations this weekend, but one rally was met by pro-George Zimmerman supporters in River Oaks, a wealthy mostly-white suburb in Houston Texas.

Local New Black Panthers activist Quanell X organized the Martin march in River Oaks because it was the local equivalent of Sanford, Florida, where the teen was killed by Zimmerman, noted the Houston Chronicle.

When he organized the rally, Quanell X was quoted as saying: “If you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks.” He later said his remarks were meant as a call to action, not criminal activity.

However, Joshua Vorning, told KHOU-TV that the pro-Zimmerman march of about 80 people was there to protect citizens of River Oaks (video below).

"They started making threats on the people down here in River Oaks and we came down here to prevent them from doing anything to the people in River Oaks,” said Vorning. “The people in River Oaks haven’t done anything. So there’s no reason for these people to be here.”

Another pro-Zimmerman protester added: “Justice was served in court already. We have a judicial system for a reason. We used it, and it was done. There ain’t no reason to be shutting our streets down.”

Quanell X told the Houston Chronicle on Sunday: “To be honest with you, we don’t give a damn about anybody supporting George Zimmerman and gunning down a child."

There were more than 100 police officers sent to River Oaks to keep peace between the two groups, notes theLos Angeles Times.

Both groups marched through the neighborhood without any incidents.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, KHOU-TV, Houston Chronicle


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