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Pro Wrestlers Donated Items Stolen from Pit Bull Mauling Victim, Hunter Kilbourn

Hunter Kilbourn, a 10-year-old boy from Antioch, CA, was attacked by a Pit Bull while he was at a friend's house on August 11, 2013; He has already undergone two skin grafts and extensive, painful treatment for disfiguring bites to his arms, head, and part of his ear was ripped off during the attack, according to his mother, Melody Ralls.

"While he was down, a second one came from the sliding-glass door outside and started attacking it, as well," she said

Hunter's mother said she was at a house next door when she heard screams, and ran over to find Hunter lying on the ground in front of the house. He was covered with blood from horrific bites to his arms, head and face and part of his ear was severed.

His mother told KCRA3 that, “He said, 'Mommy, I don't want to die.'"

Hunter underwent surgery at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento the following week. "He will likely require more procedures for optimizing his aesthetic outcome," plastic surgeon Dr. David Sahar said.

Hunter has now been victimized again—this time by some heartless thief who stole the autographed book and poster the little boy received from several World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstars during his recovery to cheer him up and ease his pain and suffering. Both have been sold on Craigslist, says his mom:

“I am trying to locate the person who bought them not knowing they were stolen and NOT for sale, so we can get them back. His name is inside the book as wrestlers wrote “Hunter, get well soon”, etc. It is not just a “program book” to us but a part of healing. I’m assuming the person is in the Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Concord, East Bay Area.”

If anyone knows where this book and poster are located, please contact . The identity of anyone with information will be kept 100% anonymous.

Sources: San Francisco, KCRA, Clay Cord


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