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Pro-Police Rally Turns Angry In Scottsdale, Arizona (Video)

A pro-police rally turned ugly on Saturday in Scottsdale, Arizona, outside the Scottsdale Police Department.

In addition to pro-police advocates, a handful of anti-police brutality protesters showed up dressed in garb that appeared to be modeled after the Stasi, the secret police force in East Germany while it was under Soviet control.

At one part during the rally (video below), a pro-police demonstrator tried to stare down an anti-police brutality protester dressed in costume before finally calling him "puke."

The pro-police demonstrator also pushed his body into a young woman and told anti-police brutality protester Dennis Gillman, who shot the video, not to film him.

According to The Free Thought Project, Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell approached the pro-police demonstrator and thanked him for his support.

Later, pro-police demonstrators chanted, "We support the blue!" and "Hands up, don't loot!"

The pro-police demonstrators then appeared to surround Gillman and block his camera with their signs and bodies.

An angry shouting match erupted between the pro-police demonstrators and the anti-police brutality protesters before Scottsdale police officers finally stepped in between the two groups.

"I think there was some confusion here," Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane told AZCentral. "We're not trying to provoke anything, that's not the message we're sending.This is to express gratitude and support for the difficult job these men and women do."

KTAR noted that Arizona State University Police Officer Stewart Ferrin was invited to the rally. Ferrin is reportedly being terminated after being accused of wrongful arrest and excessive force on an Arizona State University professor who is black.


Sources: The Free Thought Project, KTAR, AZCentral
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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