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Pro-Life Doctors Barred From Presenting Academic Slideshow on Abortion

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Several pro-life OB/GYN doctors were barred from presenting a slideshow last minute at the International Conference for Women in Medicine in South Korea last week after panelists politicized the strictly scientific information.

“It wasn’t any kind of advocacy position about what any nation’s abortion laws should be or anything like that,” said Dr. Mary Davenport, who was shocked by the decision. “Due to political correctness, there’s some things you can’t say.”

In questioning why the group had been invited in the first place, Davenport said she suspected that the conference organizer’s had been split on the decision and the leadership of the organization had finally ruled against the presentation.

“The Korean people wanted to hear what we had to say,” Davenport said. “But I guess they were overruled by the leadership of this particular organization.”

During an interview with Anna Choi, a pro-life Korean obstetrician, the secretary general of the MWIA blocked the camera, according to Davenport. The secretary ended the interview, claiming that the reporters had no permission from the conference to begin one.

Davenport said she had never experienced anything like that at a conference before, especially considering the academic atmosphere, rather than political, of the event.

In a statement, the MWIA apologized for some of its leaders behavior.

“MWIA strongly regrets the politicalization of women’s reproductive health by listed speakers at our 29th International Congress of MWIA who would deny women their basic right to choice,” the statement read.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Life News


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