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Pro-Palestine Protesters Attack Pro-Israel Marine Veteran In D.C. (Video)

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U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran Manny Vega was attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters on Saturday after he stood beside the group with an Israeli flag.

The protest took place in front of the White House on 16th and H Street, where Vega and a pro-Palestine protester were apparently engaging in a productive discussion. However, as more pro-Palestine protesters gathered around, some engaged in violent acts against Vega.

In an interview with Breitbart News moments before the attack, Vega reported that he wasn’t afraid of the large group of protestors.

“I’m not going to be pushed out of here,” Vega said. “This is America, and I have every right to be here with the American flag and the Israeli flag as a counter protest.”

In video footage of the attack, angry pro-Palestine protesters surround Vega. They kick, spit and punch him before police arrive a few minutes later to break up the situation.

Some pro-Palestinian protesters can be seen trying to guard Vega from the impending mob, and others later apologize for the attack. However, the majority of the protesters continue to chant and scream at Vega, and have to be blocked by the police while Vega makes a statement.

“I got attacked by a mob,” Vega told the police. “They spit on me, they kicked me, they punched me.”

Sources: Breitbart, BizPacReview


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