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Pro-Gun 'Texas Open Carry' Posts 911 Caller's Info Online (Video)

The pro-gun group Open Carry Texas reportedly posted personal information about a woman who recently called 911 on the group in Plano, Texas.

The woman, who called 911, saw the armed group on a highway overpass, was frightened and called 911, notes

Open Carry Texas reportedly obtained the 911 caller's name and phone number via the Freedom of Information Act. reports that the Open Carry Texas member Brent Sanders posted the video (with the female caller's information) on YouTube. The female 911 caller has since changed her phone number because of harassing calls.

Arlington, Texas Police Lieutenant Chris Cook says people should not be scared to call 911, even though their personal info could end up online.

“Let us determine what is lawful or unlawful,” Lt. Cook told WFAA on Friday (video below).

Open Carry Texas claims that gun control activists from Moms Demand Action are using 911 to harass the pro-gun demonstrators, but has not provided any proof.

“They’re telling their members to lie to 911, to lie to police," said Tov Henderson, of Open Carry Tarrant County. "They have told their members to call 911 on us, and say they saw us waving our guns violently.”

Moms Demand Action told WFAA that their members do not call 911 to harass people.

“This isn’t about open carry," added Kory Watkins, of Open Carry Tarrant County. "This is about Constitutional carry. That means no regulations, no license, nothing.”

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