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Pro-Gun Protesters With Assault Weapons Occupy Oregon State Capitol (Pictures)

About 300-400 pro-gun demonstrators rallied outside the Oregon State Capitol on Friday in Salem, Oregon, to protest efforts to enact gun safety laws and keep citizens safe from assault weapons (pictured below).

According to, some of the protesters entered the Capitol building and carried assault rifles and other guns into the Capitol rotunda (pictured right).

Currently, Oregon law permits people with concealed carry permits to openly carry weapons into public buildings, so the armed protesters behaved lawfully if they had valid permits while standing inside the Capitol.

"I'm supporting my fellow patriots," said a protestor named 'Warren,' who was carrying an AR-15. "It's technically loaded."

Warren was approached by a state police officer, who asked to see his gun permit. The trooper looked at the permit and walked away.

"Everything's going exactly as planned," State Police Lt. Terri Davie said. She added that "there's been no concerns" about armed protesters inside the Capitol.


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