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Pro-Gun Daniel Musso Tased by Police for Heckling Gun Control Rally (Video)

Pro-gun advocate Daniel Musso was tackled, tasered and arrested by police at a gun control rally on Tuesday after he repeatedly heckled speaker John Cantin outside the state capitol in Concord, N.H. (video below).

The gun control rally was presented by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which supports limiting magazine size for military-style assault weapons and requiring criminal background checks for gun buyers.

As Cantin spoke, Musso yelled: “Why are you talking about this? You’re not the truth!” reported WMUR-TV.

According to the Concord Monitor, Musso kept asking Cantin what kind of gun was used to kill his daughter in 2009: “A pellet gun, a machine gun, what kind of gun, sir?”

The heckling continued for several more minutes until Musso was asked to move by police officers, but he placed his hand on an officer and a struggle ensued with three officers who eventually tasered him to the ground.

The gun control rally brought out about 60 pro-gun counter-protesters openly carrying firearms, but Cantin told the Union Leader: “They just weakened their cause and strengthened ours."

“People just need to be more respectful, don’t get so emotional about this,” Cantin told WMUR-TV. “Everybody has the right to their own opinion. We’re all Americans. We should be able to express that.”

Sources: Union Leader, Concord Monitor, WMUR-TV


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