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Is Pro-Gun Control Senator Angela Giron Paying People to Protest a Recall Election?

Pro-gun control Sen. Angela Giron (D) of Colorado might face a recall election because of her support for recent gun control legislation. Giron supporters have mobilized to protest the recall election, but a new video suggests that the protests might have an ulterior motive: the almighty dollar.

The video shows anti-recall protestors attempting to block the visibility of pro-recall signing stations with even bigger signs. The man behind the video apparently called the police several times, citing a disturbance of the peace.

But it was not the underhanded sign-blocking tactics that have raised eyebrows — it is the apparently shady transactions that take place between the protestors. The individual filming the footage captured an older man with glasses handing out something to the protestors. It is difficult to tell exactly what the items are, but they are undoubtedly rectangular and small enough to fit in the palm of a person’s hand. Cash or checks definitely are not out of the question.

The man does this not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, it appears that the recipient surreptitiously pockets the gift.

Some people have even speculated that the man handing out the items is Steve Nawrocki, the wife of Giron. It is difficult to tell for sure because the footage is so grainy. Here’s a picture of Nawrocki, so you can make up your own mind. Another source confirmed that Nawrocki was present at the protest, though Nawrocki denied that he was handing out anything to the protestors.

Of course, maybe everything captured on film is on the up-and-up. Perhaps the man is simply handing out information about future protests. It is hard to say for certain, but the footage has certainly left viewers with more questions than answers.

What is your take on the footage? Do you think that there is something fishy going on, or is the video quality too poor to make any accusations?

Source: Redstate


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