Pro-Gun Advocate Posts Obama Story, Wonders Where Assassin Is (Photo)


Kathy Perkins, founder of the pro-gun group Moms With Guns Demand Action, reportedly shared an article on Facebook about President Obama eating at a famous barbecue restaurant in Austin, Texas, last week.

According to Libraland, Perkins added the caption, “Where is an assasin [sic] when you need one?”

Perkins removed the posting from her Facebook page, but not before Libraland captured a screenshot of it. Here is a picture of the screenshot, courtesy of Libraland:

Libraland reports that Perkins' Twitter page (which has been removed) claimed to promote gun safety, even though she wondered where an assassin was:

Moms With Guns Demand Action! We Demand the Right to Protect Ourselves and our Families. An Armed Society is a Safe Society.

According to Perkins' website:

Moms With Guns Demand Action was created in response to the anti-constitutional propaganda being put forth by MDA (Moms Demand Action.) It is the perception of Pro-Second Amendment Gun owners that MDA's soul purpose is to disarm American Citizens. Make no mistake about it.

However, Moms Demand Action has never called for disarming American citizens.

Perkins also wrote on her website:

Despite what they claim verbally to the contrary, every one of their efforts can be clearly interpretted [sic] as being set in place to this end. It is my belief, that they will not be happy until every citizen in this country is disarmed leaving only law enforcement armed, thereby finalizing the Liberal Socialist goal of a Police State where Free Citizens are no longer Free to defend themselves, essentially nullifying our 2nd Amendment rights.

Moms Demand Action has never advocated a "police state," which would actually be contrary to liberal socialists, who oppose the "police state" and have been the biggest critics of the NSA and the increasing incarceration of Americans.

Perkins then added:

These women, whether mal-intentioned or simply uneducated and stuck in irrational fear, pose a serious threat to my safety and that of my children. I mean to fight their efforts on every front.  I am a Stay At Home Mom. I have time. I have the Passion. I have children. I Live in Texas. And I will not tolerate being disarmed and forced to be a sitting duck for every criminal with murderous intentions.

Sources: Moms-with-guns-demand-action.orgLibraland (Image Credit: RealJameso16)


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