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Pro-Gun Advocate Adam Kokesh Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges, Claimed Innocence for Months

This past July, pro-gun advocate Adam Kokesh uploaded a video of himself at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. defiantly loading a shotgun, which he did not have an open carry permit for in the nation's capital.

Kokesh claimed he was innocent for months, until yesterday, when he suddenly pleaded guilty to carrying a rifle or shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, noted

Only two weeks ago, the Libertarian gun owner pleaded not guilty and claimed he was exercising his constitutional rights a block from the White House (video below).

Kokesh’s attorney Peter Cooper quit on October 23.

After Kokesh was assigned a court appointed attorney, Larry Copeland, he switched his plea. The gun owner also pleaded guilty to an unrelated marijuana possession charge.

After nearly four months of being locked up in jail, Kokesh will be released while awaiting sentencing on January 17. He could get up to six years in prison.

“We evaluated the case against him and the likely outcome and made a judgment that this was the best thing to do,” Copeland told The Washington Post.

“I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who supported me during my recent challenges by volunteering, donating, and writing letters to me in jail, and to the judge and the prosecutors,” Kokesh posted on his Facebook. “We will continue using this as a teachable moment to illuminate the nature of government and spread the message of liberty, self-ownership and civil rights.”

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