Pro-Family Activist Warns Gay Marriage May Lead to Bestiality, Women Marrying Themselves (Video)


A bill that would legalize gay marriage in Hawaii, SB 1, recently passed in the state's Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee by a 5-2 vote.

According to The Huffington Post, the bill is expected to pass in Hawaii's full state Senate and Governor Neil Abercrombie will sign it, but SB 1 may get bogged down in the state's House Judiciary and Finance committees.

One of the most vocal opponents of legalized gay marriage in the state is Jim Hochberg, the President of Hawaii Family Advocates.

Hochberg recently claimed in a video (below) that gay marriage would lead to bestiality and women marrying themselves, notes

"You have to ask yourself the question, 'Where does it stop?'' said Hochberg. "We have bisexual people who have sex with both their own and the other gender. Should they be able to have to have two spouses? And then, why not four so that each person can have two of the other. Or five? Or whatever."

"If it's a civil right, there's no way to stop it, it never ends," added Hochberg. "I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself. She had her inner groom and it's just getting ridiculous."

Hochberg also placed a graphic up on his video which listed "bestiality."

Earlier this month, Hochberg held a press conference urging Hawaii's lawmakers not to vote on marriage equality, but to rather put it to a public vote.

"Don't take our choice to preserve traditional marriage as a unique social institution out of the law unless you ask us," Hochberg told the Star Advertiser. "If we say 'yes,' fine. If we say 'no,' no."

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