Pro-Ezell Ford Protesters Threaten Los Angeles TV News Crew (Video)


A group of about 30 demonstrators blocked traffic on a major freeway in Los Angeles last night in protest of the autopsy of Ezell Ford, who was fatally shot by police in August.

Ford's family members claim the 25-year-old black man was mentally ill and have filed a $75 million lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles. notes that the recently released autopsy showed that Ford was shot in the right arm, side and back, which included a muzzle imprint, suggesting he was shot at close range by police.

According to KTLA,  the demonstrators held signs, one of which read: “A GUN MUZZLE IMPRINT IN EZELL’S BACK?”

In downtown Los Angeles, more activists held a vigil for Ford. When KTLA tried to cover it, several of the protesters threatened the news crew (video below).

One female protester held a lighter near a KTLA news reporter and said, "I’m gonna set you on fire if you don’t back away.”

The same protester later told the cameraman, “If you want me to touch the camera, I can touch the camera and slam it in your f------ face. I will hospitalize you, shut up”

However, local residents came to the defense of the camera crew.

“I’m worried about it because you’re here in my community," an unidentified man told the female protester.

Sources:, KTLA
Image Credit: KTLA Screenshot


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