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Pro-Choice Religious Group: Stop Racist Attacks

By Reverend Carlton W. Veazey
President and CEO
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice 

I thought I had seen everything the Religious Right was capable of, but even for them this is a new low.

The Endangered Species Project and so-called "Right to Life" groups are continuing to sponsor billboards in predominantly African-American communities that show a photo of a black child and read, "Black Children Are an Endangered Species." These anti-choice, anti-woman extremists have sunk to the level of dehumanizing black children by comparing them to animals!

But that's not all. The billboards serve as political propaganda for state legislation that would outlaw abortion "based upon the race, color or sex of the unborn child" - despite there being absolutely no evidence any such thing is occurring.

Please make a vital gift today to help us stop these deplorable and racist attacks on women.

Thankfully, due to your support and the quick work of RCRC, SisterSong and other reproductive justice and civil rights organizations, the billboards were taken down and the anti-choice bill was defeated when these groups set their sights on Georgia.

But Georgia was only the beginning. The Radiance Foundation, which designed the billboards, is working with anti-choice organizations to bring its hateful assault on women to California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington, D.C. And there's no reason to believe they'll stop there. We need your immediate support to stop them in their tracks. 


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