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Pro-Animal Rights Films Get Oscar Nominations


By Logan Scherer

Bleary-eyed and barely out of bed, I woke up to this morning's Oscar nominations delightfully unsurprised.

Every year, the nominees for the Best Documentary Academy Award manage to reflect concerns that stir Americans most, so I wasn't shocked to see that two of this year's five nominated films are The Cove—the critically acclaimed examination of Japan's bloody dolphin trade and slaughter—and Food Inc., the eye-opening examination of the nation's grossly inhumane and environmentally unsustainable production of meat.

Alec Baldwin—who, coincidentally, narrated PETA's iconic documentary, "Meet Your Meat"—is hosting this year's award show, so on March 7, I'm going to be sitting on my couch, waiting for him to give a gold statue to The Cove or Food Inc. with his best Jack Donaghy swagger.

I'll be happy if either movie wins, although I am partial to The Cove. How about you? Which do you think will take home the gold?


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