Private School Strip-Searches Girl, Says She Has No Rights


A female student at the Milton Hershey School in Harrisburg, Pa. was recently strip-searched by school officials who were looking for a cell phone.

The girl's mother, Trina Howze, claims the boarding school said her daughter "does not have constitutional rights because she is in a private school."

Howze and her daughter have sued the school, Michael Randolph, and student home supervisors Kenneth Wilson and Tysha Wilson, notes Courthouse News.

Howze claims a nurse at the school told her daughter (whose age was not mentioned) to take off her shirt and then "touched [the girl] all over her body, including her chest, feeling for a smartphone."

The lawsuit adds, "After the strip search, [the daughter] feeling violated, was visibly upset, crying and shaken."

No cell phone was ever found.

The suit claims that Tysha Wilson "advised Howze that [her daughter] does not have constitutional rights because she is in a private school and that the school is backed up by the Derry County Police Department."

Lisa Scullin, the school's vice president for communications, claims there are policies to protect the rights of students and the school.

"We take their privacy rights very seriously," Scullin told Penn Live.

Sources: Penn Live and Courthouse News


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