Private Bradley Manning Has Served 855 Days in Jail Without a Trial

According to the U.S. military rule book, a U.S. soldier must be arraigned and his trial officially started within 120 days of him being put into custody. However, Private Bradley Manning has spent 855 days in jail without a trial.

Manning's civilian lawyer David Coombs filed a motion this week with the army court, asking for all charges against Private Manning to be dismissed on grounds that his right to a speedy trial has been violated, reports The Guardian.

Private Manning is scheduled to go on trial February 4, 2013, on charges relating to the transferral of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, videos and war logs to Wikileaks. As of February 4, 2013, Private Manning will have been jailed for 983 days.

One of the videos released on Wikileaks, that allegedly came from Manning, showed a U.S. helicopter killing several Reuters' journalists in cold blood. No legal action has happened to the helicopter crew.

Private Manning was arrested at  the 'Hammer' operating base outside Baghdad on May 27, 2010 and has been locked up ever since. 

Military prosecutors claim they have not violated his rights because they applied for, and were granted by the convening authority, permission to exclude periods of time from the 120-day speedy trial clock.


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