Prisoners Claim Private Prison Allows Gang Members to Run the Jail


CCA [Corrections Corporation of America], which operates the Idaho Correctional Center, is accused of cutting back on prison guards and and using prison gangs an as “inexpensive device to gain control over the inmate population," according to a lawsuit filed by eight inmates.

Court documents and a report issued by Idaho's Department of Corrections showed how prison guards allowed gang members to violate rules and negotiated with gang members on cell placement of new inmates, reports

Prison guards are also accused of helping one gang plan a violent attack on a rival gang. The CCA has operated the prison in partnership with the Idaho corrections department since 2000.

CCA's spokesman Steve Owen said in a statement: “We take all allegations seriously and act swiftly if our standards have not been met. At all times, we are held to the highest standards of accountability and transparency by our government partners, and expect to be.”


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