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Prisoner Ramon Eduardo Mendez Fialho Swallowed Handcuff Keys; X-Ray Machine Rats Him Out

A prisoner in Uruguay had swallowed handcuff keys that he apparently hoped to use in the future, but his plan was ruined when a machine that took a full body scan found the foreign object in his abdomen.

The New York Daily News reports that Ramon Eduardo Mendez Fialho somehow got ahold of the metal openers and swallowed them shortly after being sent to prison in Montevideo, Uruguay, last week, according to El Pais.

The prisoner reportedly hoped to defecate them out and either use them to escape the next time he was cuffed, or sell his skills to other inmates. However, he clearly didn’t know that the prison had an X-ray machine that could take a full body scan.

Orestes Leles Da Silva, sub-director of security at the prison, praised the recent upgrading of security at the facility, according to Mail Online.

“Before, if a person had come into the prison with something metallic like handcuff keys in their body, it would not be detected,” he told El Pais. “Today, thanks to this new system, we were able to detect the prohibited item.”

The image, which has been released by the Interior Ministry, showed two tiny keys designed to open handcuffs. It’s still unclear exactly how the inmate got the keys.

Sources: New York Daily News, Mail Online


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