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Prisoner Marcin Zenardski Posts Photo Of Himself With Marijuana Plant On Facebook

A Polish prisoner was busted this week after guards discovered a photo he posted on Facebook of himself posing with a marijuana plant.

Marcin Zenardski took a picture of himself using a contraband smartphone that was smuggled into prison, showing an equally illegal cannabis plant he grew from seed in his cell, Metro reported.

Zenardski also used the mobile phone to keep in contact with friends, watch TV shows and browse the web.

He managed to smuggle cannabis seeds and grew a plant in his cell without anyone’s knowledge in Garsten jail, Upper Austria.

Zendarski started distributing marijuana to other prisoners, according to the Polish newspaper Fakt.

The photo became popular around the internet and prison guards soon found out about his actions.

Prison officials conducted a search of the entire jail and found illegal substances, plants and mobile phones.

Zendarski was given more time in prison for drugs and fined for carrying a smartphone. He is also now under special surveillance after getting death threats from other inmates who suffered defeat when they were caught with illegal items.


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