Prison Guards Let Inmate Bleed To Death (Video)

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Instead of taking him to a hospital, New Mexico prison guards are now being sued after they let an inmate bleed to death (video below).

Video shows Cibola County jail guards merely watching as Douglas Edminsten died on July 7, 2016, reports KOB-TV.

Edminsten was reportedly in pain for seven hours and begged to be hospitalized, but the officers did not seek medical attention on his behalf.

Fellow inmates say they attempted to help, at one point even forming a prayer circle around Edminsten  before he died.

Now Edminsten's family has filed a lawsuit against the correctional officers.

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"It made me sick to my stomach," said attorney Glenn Valdez who watched the video on July 10 for the first time. "I’m watching somebody die right in front of my eyes."

"We know the inmates and everyone else were trying to get help, but nothing happened,” Valdez said. “He couldn’t call himself or do anything that we take for granted. So without the guards to call, he’s dead.”

Edminsten had not been convicted. He was at the jail awaiting trial for a misdemeanor charge.

It was later revealed Edminsten had a ruptured blood vessel in his stomach. He had an 80 percent chance of survival if the guards had gotten medical help for him when he first complained about the pain.

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"I think it was a financial decision that they didn’t want to pay to take him to a hospital," speculates Valdez.

News of the incident quickly captured attention on social media, provoking a variety of responses

"Love how the progressive anti-authority make this criminal to be a victim," wrote one KOB-TV reader. "Love also how they say 'IF' well if this guy didn't break the law, he could have been home to take himself to the hospital."

"The criminal is the victim here," shot back another individual. "When in the jail the jailers are responsible for his sitters are responsible for the care of kids they watch and hospitals are responsible for their patients."

Many agreed with that sentiment.

"I am wondering how this is not cruel and unusual punishment," added another.

"If the article is correct, these guys failed at their jobs," chimed in a second.

Sources: KOB-TV, Reddit / Photo credit: Sara/Flickr, Luca Bettarini/Flickr, KOB-TV

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