NRA "Sticks to its Guns" in Endorsing Candidates


With NRA's November magazines containing our Political Preference Charts arriving across the country this week, we are again receiving questions regarding some of our candidate grades and endorsements.Many of the questions are about our support for pro-gun Democratic incumbents.Our policies, and the justifications for our candidate ratings, have been explained many times in the Grassroots Alert and elsewhere.

This election year there is a lot of anger directed at the policies of Congress and the Obama Administration.

One of the main concerns is over politicians from both parties who have abandoned their principles.

But unlike the political class in Washington, D.C., the NRA will never abandon its principles, even when it might be easy and politically expedient to do so.

For example, some are upset that we have stood by our decades-old policy of being a non-partisan, single-issue group that supports pro-gun incumbents.This policy has served the NRA and its membership well over the years, enabling us to accomplish much in the face of adversity.

While many Washington, D.C. politicians change their principles as the wind blows, the NRA will not.We will continue to fight for our pro-gun friends who have fought for us -- regardless of party affiliation.We will not cut and run and send the message that, despite all a lawmaker may have done to support the Second Amendment and his or her pro-gun constituents, we will abandon him or her because of other unpopular and unrelated votes.That's not the NRA way.

In this year of punishing lawmakers for abandoning their principles, our members and supporters should take comfort in knowing that despite the political trends or current climate, their NRA will stick to its principles…and stick to its guns.


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