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Principal Tom Klansnic Says He Was Fired Because He's Gay, School Protests (Video)

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Tom Klansnic, who has worked as principal of the North Gresham Elementary School in Portland, Oregon for the last 10 years, was fired by the school board last week without a specific reason (video below).

According to KOIN-TV, Klansnic and his wife divorced after he revealed to family and friends that he was gay in 2010.

Ever since then, Klansnic's attorney Judy Snyder says that his supervisors' treatment toward him dramatically changed.

"He's been a very successful principal and he's continued to be a very successful principal even under close scrutiny of the last two years," Snyder told KOIN-TV. "He's had a great deal of difficulty getting specifics as to what he has failed to do to meet performance expectations."

Snyder says the school board has been notified that Klansnic is considering filing a discrimination suit.

Officials of the Gresham Barlow School District said they couldn't comment because it's a personnel matter.

"He is a fabulous principal. My kids have loved him... I have seen everything he has done and built at this school," Capri Parker, president of the school's parent-teacher group, told the Oregonian.

Last spring the school board voted not to extend his three-year contract. Last Thursday, the board reaffirmed that decision in a public vote that was taken without public discussion.

Klansnic supporters were not allowed to speak, but showed their support by wearing pink T-shirts from an anti-bullying campaign held earlier in the day at the school.

As of Wednesday morning, a petition to save Klansnic's job has received more than 400 signatures.

Klansnic said in a text message to the Associated Press: "The teachers, kids, and parents at NORTH GRESHAM GRADE SCHOOL are an awesome group of people."

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