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Principal Plans To Contact FBI After Student Throws Away American Flag

Principal Robert Archuleta is planning to report a 14-year-old student, who tossed an American flag out of a classroom window, to the FBI.

The incident happened last month at Carlos F. Vigil Middle School in Espanola, New Mexico, noted KRQE News 13.

Archuleta claims that four students were throwing school books and erasers out a second-story window in January, but then an eighth grade student threw out the Stars and Stripes.

Archuleta, whose father fought in World War II, originally contacted a school resource officer who referred him to the FBI.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment protects desecrating the flag, but Archuleta claims there is a federal law against disgracing the flag.

Some parents think Archuleta will be going too far if he calls the FBI, reports CBS Las Vegas.

Archuleta suspended the boy for 10 days, but will call for a longer suspension or expulsion at a school district hearing this Thursday.

If the boy is expelled, that discipline action will stay on his school record permanently and may prevent him from enrolling in a new school or attending college when he is older.

Sources: KRQE News 13, CBS Las Vegas
Image Credit: Samuel King Jr.


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