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Principal John Hynes Forgiven By Calif. Christian School For Switching Own Daughter's Grade

The principal of a private, Christian high school in Simi Valley, Calif., changed his own daughter’s grade on a Spanish test -- as well as the grades of four other students. But when he came clean with school officials they did the Christian thing and forgave him.

Now John Hynes will get to keep the job he has held at Grace Bretheren High School since 2005 at the school, even though he boosted his daughter’s grade from a “C” to a “B.” He adjusted a second student’s grade from a dismal “D” to a gentleman’s “C.”

“It was a one-time event. It’ll never happen again,” said Hynes (pictured, at right). “I made a human mistake. Thank God the school didn’t fire me like another organization would have.”

The school said that Hynes will be disciplined, but officials had not yet determined how.

They said he was not axed from the job because he admitted his wrongdoing and asked to be forgiven.

He did admit it. But the grade changes were originally reported by a Spanish teacher, Anke Saldarriaga, who said that Hynes pumped up the grades of four students in her class. All four, the teacher said, were members of the school swim team.

In addition to his duties as principal, Hynes also coaches the swim team.

“Schools stand for honesty and integrity, and this is not it,” Saldarriaga said. The Spanish teacher has since resigned from her job, but for reasons that she says have nothing to do with the grade-inflating scandal.

Though Hynes admitted changing grades for four students, including his daughter, the school’s own investigation found only one student whose grade was altered.

“There was an academic breach of integrity with our principal. There was a changing of a grade for one student in one class,” said Pastor Jordan Bakker of Grace Brethren Church, the religious group associated with the school.

SOURCES: KTLA Channel 5, NBC Los Angeles


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