Principal Demands Students Stand For Anthem (Video)

Lely High School Principal Ryan Nemeth recently told students that they had to stand for the national anthem at school-sponsored sporting events in Collier County, Florida (video below).

"You will show absolutely no disrespect, you will stand, and you will stay quiet," Nemeth told students during a video announcement, notes WBBH. "If you don't, you are going to be sent home, and you're not going to have a refund of your ticket price."

The U.S Supreme Court ruled the 1943 case of West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette that students cannot be forced to salute the flag and/or say the pledge of allegiance, noted Cornell University Law School. That ruling could apply to the national anthem as well; the high court ruled that compulsion was not permissible to achieve national unity.

Student Adrianas Pena told WBBH: "He shouldn't be ejecting people just because they don't wanna stand. Everybody has their voice to say something with it."

While she supports the standing during the anthem, Pena added: "They just should say, 'Can you please stand up as a sign of respect for the people who are fighting for our rights?'"

Karen Miller, whose daughter attends the school, agrees with Nemeth's compulsory rules: "I've told my children that they will stand and respect the flag."

"You are on school property," Miller added. "If this is the school policy, then you need to follow the school policy."

However, the school property is technically government property which must follow the law, or possibly face a hefty lawsuit.

The Collier County School District, which could be the subject of such a lawsuit, refused to comment on Nemeth's national anthem policy.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the trend of not standing during the national anthem as a peaceful protest against police brutality and discrimination against black people.

Republican Rep. Steve King of New York accused Kaepernick of engaging in activism that is "sympathetic to ISIS" during an interview with Newsmax Sept. 13:

I think Colin Kaepernick is representing the San Francisco 49ers when he puts on that uniform. When he steps out on the stage, the world stage, he's taking advantage of that, and he's undermining patriotism.

I understand that he has an Islamic girlfriend that is his fiancee and that this has changed him and he has taken on some different political views along the way. This is activism that's sympathetic to ISIS. And for me, if I were the coach, I would say, "You're done."

As a matter of record, Kaepernick has not expressed any support for ISIS.

Sources: WBBH, Cornell University Law SchoolNewsmax TV/YouTube / Photo credit: WBBH via YouTube

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