Principal, 18 Children Killed by Gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School


Update: The death toll is now up to at least 18 children. A total of 24 individuals are presumed dead, although some reports put the number as high as 27.

A principal and at least two children were reportedly shot by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut at 9:41a.m. today.

Connecticut State Police said one shooter is dead, but there were two handguns found at the scene. Police went from room-to-room to find the possible second gunman, reports the Daily Mail.

Speaking with MSNBC, one unidentified mother said: "The principal was killed and some other people were shot."

The woman's daughter added: "Miss Martin closed the door and we went into the corner, before the gunman fired lots of shots."

There are a number of people with injuries, with three sent to a local hospital.

Teachers and students were in morning meetings when the shots rang out. The children were locked inside their classrooms until police came and then the kids were evacuated to a nearby fire station (pictured above), reports the The Hartford Courant.

Update: According to the New York Daily News 27 people were killed -- 18 children and nine adults.


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