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Princeton University Giving Away Free Houses, Just Need to Pick Them Up

Princeton University is so desperate to get rid of some of their old houses, that they’re giving them away for free, as long as they are hauled away.

The homes are located on Alexander Street in Princeton, N.J., and are available to anyone who has the capability to tow them out. They’re being given on an “as-is condition,” according to Martin Mbugua, university spokesperson.

In the past, the buildings were used as university offices. If no one takes the houses away, they’ll be demolished, as the university plans to use the street for an Art and Transit project.

The project will include a train station, retail ventures and public spaces for the arts. It’s expected to begin construction in early 2013.

While it seems too good to be true, Mbugua said the houses are not in move-in condition and need some work. The work mainly needs to be done on the interior, “due to remediation work in preparation for the project.”

They haven’t set a specific deadline for the houses to be taken, but those who are interested must apply soon before they begin working on the Art and Transit project. Ideally, the houses need to be removed by the end of April.

Mbugua said many people expressed interest in the houses, but no one has offered to move the houses off campus yet.

Those who want the houses, and have access to a house-sized dolly system or structure lifting contractor should contact Princeton University Office of Community and Regional Affairs at 609-258-3204 or email

Currently, the houses are empty with boarded windows and a red and white X marked on the outside, warning local fire departments to not take any risks if it catches on fire.



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