Report: Prince's Estate To Be Turned Into Museum


Prince's $10 million Paisley Park estate will be turned into a museum celebrating the artist's life, his brother-in-law has confirmed.

The 50,000 square-foot estate will be to the public, said brother-in-law Maurice Phillips, because although Prince was a private person, Phillips says that he would have wanted fans to remember his music. The estate and studio, located near Minneapolis, will be turned into a Graceland-style tribute to the artist, Stereogum reports.

"We're hoping to make Paisley what [Prince wanted] it to be. [He] was working on it being a museum," Prince's longtime collaborator, Sheila E., told Entertainment Tonight. "He's been gathering memorabilia and stuff from all the tours, like my drums and his motorcycle."

"There's a hallway of his awards and things, which he really didn't care about too much, but he displayed it for the fans because he knows that they would want to see it," she said, adding that the halls of Paisley Park contained pictures of the artist, and a mural featuring Prince's friends and collaborators. "It's beautiful," she said.

The estate was previously shown to fans via a virtual tour released a few years ago, according to the Daily Mail. In the virtual tour, fans were able to see details like Prince's large 10-man wardrobe, where the pop icon's colorful outfits were stored.

Paisley Park also features a studio, designed by architect Bret Theony, which houses many of the artist's instruments. On top of the house's exterior, a glass pyramid glowed with purple light when the artist was home.

Sheila E. also talked to Entertainment Tonight about plans for a possible Prince tribute concert.

"I'm supposed to be the one musical director to put his tribute together with all of the original people and we hope that that happens," she said, adding that the hope was to hold the concert in Minneapolis.

She also spoke about her experience attending Prince's memorial service at Paisley Park April 23. "It was very somber," she said, adding, "I don't know that he really knew how he touched almost everyone in this world."

Sources: Stereogum, Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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