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Prince William "Appalled" by Friend's Butchered Rhino

The slaughter of his friend's endangered rhinoceros has left Britain's Prince William "appalled." The rhino was apparently felled by poachers after the animal's prized horn, according to the Daily News.

Max, a rare white rhinoceros, was hand-raised by Ian Craig - father of royal ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig - and a close personal friend Prince William's. After visiting Craig in 2001, Prince William became enamored with the majestic animals and visited Max on a number of subsequent trips to Africa. He became a patron of the Tusk Trust, a charitable organization that works to protect engangered rhinoceroses like Max.

The butchered animal was discovered in Kenya, shot 17 times and with his horn torn off. He was six years old.

Max was featured prominently in the documentary, Last Chance to See. Craig, who owns the Lewa wildlife reserve in Kenya, raised Max from birth and moved him to the Ol Pejeta sanctuary after he reached maturity. The illegal killing took place on the protected lands of Ol Pejeta.

The practice of killing rhinos for their horns is all too common in Africa, where a full-sized rhinoceros horn can fetch £40,000 per kilo on the black market. The horns are mistakenly believed to cure cancer.

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