Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton: Falling for Each Other?

Are Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry close to becoming a couple?

The Prince and the Duchess of Cambridge are said to have met up several times since the Royal Wedding, and, according to rag mag Grazia, "speak on the phone all the time." Pippa reportedly loves Harry's sense of humor.

The flirtation began at the Royal Wedding, where the last line of Prince Harry's best man speech supposedly was "Pippa, call me." Since then, Grazia reports that they've gotten together for tea at Harry's Clarence House digs, and have hung out at least four other times. They went to Chelsea's Troubadour club recently for a quiet, two-hour date.

The most juicy piece of gossip: they reportedly have nicknames for each other. Pippa calls him "Captain," his military rank, and Harry refers to her as "Commando," because rumor has it she went without underwear at the Royal Wedding.

Both Pippa and Harry have recently broken up with their long-term squeezes - Pippa with Alex Loudon, and Harry with Chelsy Davy. So are they just helping each other through hard times, or might they be falling for one another?


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