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'Criminals Are Getting Better Food Than We Are': Maryland Students Share Photos Of Moldy School Lunches (Photos)

Outraged students of Prince George's County's Public Schools in Maryland have taken to social media to complain about the state of their school lunches.

Students have sent pictures of their moldy and undercooked lunches to the school district directly via Twitter with no response from the district so far, according to Fox 5.

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The students are disgusted by the food they are being served and are worried that it could cause them to get sick.

"Criminals are getting better food than we are," Tamera Perry, a senior at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, told Fox 5. "You're giving us something that's not healthy, that can possibly cause us to die and it's just unacceptable."

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Moldy bread and oranges, undercooked meat, expired fruit cups and bad milk are among the things that have reportedly been served to students.

"They raised our lunches to $3," said Perry. "We're paying $3 for something that's not edible, not organic, and it's not healthy." 

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"Think about the Elementary school kids who ate this pizza without a thought because they assume the food given to them is safe," a student wrote on Twitter.

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A spokesman for the school said that they could not confirm the origin of the photos being circulated on social media. They encouraged anyone with complaints to contact the district's Food and Nutrition Services.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 5

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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