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Prince Allegedly Entered Treatment Program

Prior to his April 21 death, 57-year-old musician Prince was reportedly in an outpatient treatment program.

In order to manage his chronic hip pain, Prince sought the help of a doctor. Part of his outpatient treatment program involved taking steps to not use medication prescribed for his severe pain, sources close the musician’s death investigation told KSTP.

The sources did not say that Prince sought treatment because he was addicted to controlled substances.

Members of Prince’s family told TMZ that he was able to get prescription drugs from more than one doctor, one of which was a “personal friend.”

Prince allegedly suffered an overdose of the drug Percocet following a concert six days before he died.

The week of his death, he went to a Walgreens pharmacy four times to fill prescriptions. Exactly what prescriptions he had filled is not clear.

There were reportedly painkillers found in Prince’s possession at the time of his death, according to The Wrap.

It is being investigated whether he died from an overdose, which his pending autopsy results may determine.

Sources: KSTP, TMZThe Wrap / Photo credit: PeterTea/Flickr

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