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Trump Catches Flak For Driving Golf Cart On Green (Video)

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U.S. President Donald Trump angered more than a few golf fans when a video surfaced of him driving his golf cart over the green at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course (video below).

According to a video posted to Twitter, Trump appears to eschew traditional golf decorum and drives his golf cart directly onto the green. The carts behind Trump are following general golf etiquette, as they wait patiently just a few feet away from the fringe of the green.

The video was shot and posted by what appeared to be an attendant at the Bedminster golf club. After finishing the round, Trump wheels off toward the cart path where the man and another attendant are standing. The men ask Trump how he's hitting the ball today, to which Trump replied: "Good, until this hole."

Generally, one does not drive their golf cart onto the green for a few reasons. First, the cart can leave tracks or unnatural undulates that will make putting on the green more difficult for other players. Second, greens are notoriously difficult to maintain, and an obtuse gesture like driving across it can be read as disrespectful to the greenskeepers or course marshal.

Many commenters noted that Bedminster is, in fact, a Trump-owned golf club, and therefore Trump should be allowed to drive across any playing surface he chooses. Regardless, the video has rankled more than a few golf enthusiasts.

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"Maybe he had some frustration on his approach shot, leading him to drive over the green?" asks "No other reason would possess such a golf lover to do such a thing, right?"

According to Trump's official golf website, 17 golf courses are owned and operated under the Trump name. In addition to the Bedminster course, Trump also owns another course in New Jersey, as well as two more in New York and one in Philadelphia. He also owns the Riverview Club in Washington, D.C., only a few miles from the White House.

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Trump also owns golf courses in Dubai, Ireland, and the world-famous Turnberry course in Scotland.

A tee-time booking at the Trump Golf Club in Los Angeles in $230 per player, while the green fees at the New York course are a modest $88. Nine of Trump's 17 courses are private, meaning they are available only to club members.

The New York Times reported that Trump agreed in 2012 to purchase a golf club in Jupiter, Florida, for $5 million, in addition to taking on the club's $30 million debt stemming from refundable deposits made by club members. When Trump purchased the club, he refused to honor the refundable deposits, and dozens of members tendered their resignation.

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