President Obama's High School Best Friend Kakugawa Arrested On Rape Charges


Remember that best friend you had back in the day who went off the deep end? Most of us have one, including President Obama.

Keith Kakugawa, President Obama’s best friend in high school, was arrested in California on Sunday on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual penetration by force, oral copulation by force, and battery. This is not the first run-in with the law for Kakugawa. He has been in and out of prison in the past for possession and dealing of cocaine. For several years, he lived on the streets.

Kakugawa’s father, Kenneth Kakugawa, said his son is bitter over the different paths he and President Obama’s lives have taken.  

“It's a sad tale of how two young boys who were best friends in high school took drastically different paths in their lives,” he said. “When Keith started to face hard times, he grew resentful and bitter of Barry's success. “I'm sure [the President] would be disappointed to find out he has been arrested for rape. They were as close as brothers at one time in their lives.”

If convicted of his charges, Kakugawa will face a lengthy prison sentence. For one reason or another, a source close to Kakugawa says there is concern he may begin publicizing old secrets from President Obama’s high school days during the legal process.

“Keith knows a lot of secrets that could prove to be embarrassing for the commander-in-chief if they get out,” the source said. “They are mostly youthful indiscretions, but he would know more about Obama's teenage drug-taking than anyone. And now that he's really desperate and facing a lengthy prison stretch, he could spill the beans.”

President Obama referenced Kakugawa in his 2007 “Dreams from my Father” autobiography.

“Despite the difference in age, we'd fallen into an easy friendship, due in no small part to the fact that together we made up almost half of Punahou's black high school population,” the President wrote. 

“I enjoyed his company. He had a warmth and brash humor.”

Source: Daily Mail


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