President Obama's Ex-Girlfriend Genevieve Cook Describes His "Sexual Warmth"

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The current President of the United States is so charismatic that the media can’t even find an ex-girlfriend with a bad word to say about him. Newt Gingrich wishes he had that kind of mojo.

Genevieve Cook, a woman who claims to have dated President Obama during his college years, describes the 22-year-old Obama as possessing strong “sexual warmth” that overwhelmed her at the time. Cook’s explicit diaries, recently divulged, reveal her innermost thoughts about the alluring young man who would grow up to lead the free world.

Her memories range from the trivial to the controversial. She says that Obama used to enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons, lounging around the house in a sarong, completing newspaper crossword puzzles. She also says that the young bi-racial man was confused by his ethnic heritage and always felt like an outsider because he was “too white.”

These excerpts are the first revealed from Ms. Cook’s archives and will be among many diary entries featured in a forthcoming book entitled “Barack Obama: The Story,” written by David Maranis.

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